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On the shores of the

In an area with a special microclimate, only a few metres from the sea, the qualities of our soil and the water that irrigates our fields make this the perfect place to grow fruit and vegetables.


We harvest watermelons from July to October.
We offer 3 ranges.

Gourmet Belgi Watermelon Box



Cultivated in soils under conversion to organic. With a skin so green it is almost black, this fruit shines on the outside and is a deep red on the inside. Harvested at the optimum time, it stands out for its exquisite flavour and aroma. The perfect balance between its sweetness, crunchy texture and traditional aroma.

Gourmet Belgi Watermelon Label
0% Residues, without pesticides and without chemical fertilizers Belgi
Watermelon Box MARE NOSTRUM Belgi



Harvested in our fields just a few metres from the sea, we carefully select these watermelons to offer you our most special variety. Pure natural flavour and Mediterranean character.

Watermelon Label MARE NOSTRUM Belgi
Belgi BIO
Bio Belgi Watermelon Box



In line with our philosophy of respect for nature and organic production standards, we grow this watermelon with an organic seal of approval. Our signature flavour, balanced, natural and aromatic. Crisp, uniform texture. For a more sustainable world.

Label Watermelon Bio Belgi
Belgi BIO

Over the last 30 years of working the land, we have learned to respect and understand it. Which is why, in order to respect the ecosystem, we do not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides. As a result, our plants are pollinated by bees and grow in soil full of life.

We combat pests with natural predators, maintaining a stable environment where fauna and flora coexist with minimum intervention. In return, the earth bears us its healthiest and most natural fruits.

Belgi organic watermelon field

Responsible agriculture

The importance of maintaining healthy soils

Organic watermelon Belgi

Healthy soils are the basis for growing healthy food.


The wide variety of organisms living together help control pests and diseases naturally…

Belgi symbiosis

… forming symbiotic associations that promote healthy root growth.

Recycling Belgi

… and also recycling essential nutrients for our plants.

A healthy soil:

1. Improves soil structure.
2. Helps mitigating climate change.
3. Avoids soil impoverishment, which endangers future production.


Mediterranean lands Belgi

Our commitment
to quality

Our commitment to our customers begins from the moment we prepare the soil in a way that respects nature, through the right moment for harvesting and product selection and up to distribution to the point of sale. Throughout the process we are responsible for our product and service.